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"Bradden Young didn't just care about justice, he lived for it. Thank you for helping build the Young Justice Center to continue the legacy of what he started." 

-- Thomas Keown and Anthony Mulongo, Co-Founders of Many Hopes

The Many Hopes Justice Framework is a template for sustainable, replicable justice globally. It combines the three imperatives of Rescue, Educate and Advocate to raise local children to solve the problems that charity alone cannot.

All of our child advocacy programs will be housed in the Young Justice Center and will affect every child in the country of Kenya.


Children are abused around us because laws intended to protect them are:

1. Not effective

2. Not enforced

The Young Justice Center will house and fund a team of child rights lawyers and researchers advancing the well-being of children through the law. It will work in three areas:

1. Public Interest Litigation – Prosecuting landmark cases that will affect every child in the country

2. Policy Research and Analysis – examining why laws don’t work and making recommendations based on research and international case studies

3. Nurturing Future Advocates – Teaching children to know their rights, know when those rights have been abused, and how to access justice for themselves and others

The Young Justice Center is named for Bradden Hamilton Young: our friend and colleague who lived for Justice. 

Thank you for helping make it a reality. 100% of your gift will go directly to building the Young Justice Center.

Click here to download full details and budgets and for a word from the Young family. 

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